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1931 Medi-Cal Program

FAQ about Medical Care

Medi-Cal is a State program, patterned after the Federal Medicaid program, designed to provide no-cost or low-cost medical benefits to low income families. CalWORKs recipients are automatically eligible for no-cost benefits. Other families qualify based on income, and may qualify for benefits on a share-of-cost basis. Benefits are also available to qualified individuals, including undocumented aliens, for medical emergencies.

Each person eligible for Medi-Cal will receive a California Benefits Identification Card (BIC) which must be presented to any health care provider who will use the card to determine eligibility status. Not all health care providers participate in the Medi-Cal program, and inquiries should be made prior to receiving any medical services.

Families no longer receiving CalWORKs may still qualify for Medi-Cal benefits and should take advantage of this important safety net.

Who May Be Eligible For Medi-Cal

  • Children under the age of 21
  • Pregnant women
  • CalWORKs families
  • Adults with children linked to a CalWORKs deprivation
  • Aged, blind, and disabled individuals

Financial Eligibility

  • Property limits apply to all applicants except pregnant women and children ages 0 to 18
  • Income limits apply to no share-of-cost benefits. Those exceeding income limits may qualify for share-of-cost benefits

Additional Information

  • CHAMP-Net provides information to those helping low-income families find free or low cost health coverage for children and pregnant women.