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Our Location: Employment Resource Center - 4452 E. Kings Canyon Road Fresno, CA 93702, Phone: (559) 454-5955


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Who are we? We represent the largest job applicant pool in Fresno County with over 16,000 potential employees receiving Welfare-To-Work services which include: continuing education, job skills training, counseling and supportive services. In addition, we have over 6,000 underemployed individuals with existing job skills and proven employability who are looking to upgrade their position. We use current labor market information and work closely with the Economic Development Corporation to anticipate employer job skill needs and to design our training programs. We're prepared to be your one-stop source for job ready applicants.

We provide several services that will save you time, money, and ease your worries. When you need employees, give us a call. We have a unit of experienced Job Developers waiting to assist you:

Advertising Savings - we'll recruit for you. Our job orders go out to over 200 Job Specialists for referral.

Time Savings
- we take care of collecting applications, screening, interviewing, testing if necessary, and scheduling your interviews.

Money Savings
- we can offer salary subsidies for training, free drug testing, and tax credits.