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E&TA has implemented a program called DARS (Domestic Abuse Resource Specialists). DARS are specially trained volunteers from within the department who assist Welfare To Work participants who need, or appear to need, assistance in a domestic violence situation. In addition, all E&TA staff are being trained in recognizing the signs of domestic violence and in referring to the appropriate resource.

All CalWORKs applicants and recipients are informed verbally and in writing of the availability of services designed to assist them in identifying, escaping or stopping domestic violence. A list of current domestic violence resources is maintained by the department and provided to applicants and recipients as appropriate.

Referral Process:

Once identified, domestic violence victims are referred to a DAR who will see them immediately and develop a plan of action. If the client appears to be in immediate danger, the DARS will advise the client of the following:

  • Domestic Violence is against the law
  • Client has the right to self-protection and to have emergency protective orders filed (restraining orders)
  • Client has the right to file a police report, and may call the police immediately to have the report taken in the office if needed
  • Department staff are mandatory reporters for CPS, and that if the children are at risk, CPS will be notified

The client may be referred to an emergency shelter immediately and transportation provided if needed.

If the client is not in immediate danger, or chooses not to leave the home, the DARS will develop an Emergency Protection Plan (EPP) which will help prepare the client to be safe and to leave the home if necessary. An EPP includes:

  • A plan for physical safety (escape route, removal of weapons)
  • Access to necessary items (important papers, keys, medications, etc.)
  • Transportation plan
  • Shelter arrangements
  • Law enforcement involvement
  • Need for secrecy

Clients are not required to participate in a WTW plan or activity which would place them at risk of abuse.

Available Resources in Fresno County


  • Las Palmas - Court ordered counseling for perpetrators.(Fresno and Dinuba)
  • Behavioral Health Association of Central California - Counseling for victims and court ordered counseling for perpetrators.
  • Turning Point of Central California/S.A.F.E. - Counseling for perpetrators.
  • Associated Center for Therapy - Counseling for victims and for 12-18 year old perpetrators.
  • California School for Professional Psychology - Counseling for victims and court ordered counseling for perpetrators.
  • Counseling Associates - Counseling for both victims and perpetrators.
  • Center for Generational Change, Inc. (CHANGES) - Counseling for victims.
  • Center for Interpersonal Relationships (CIR) - Counseling for victims and perpetrators.
  • Coalinga Family Crisis Network
  • Domestic Violence Network of Huron
  • Psychological Service Center
  • Moms & Kids Hotline
  • Domestic Violence Program 24 Hour Hotline


  • Marjoree Mason Center
  • Shelter Services

Legal Assistance:

  • Central California Legal Services
  • Fresno County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service
  • Family Facilitator Office

Other: Fresno County Victim/Witness Assistance Program