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The Department of Employment & Temporary Assistance (E&TA) provides temporary economic and supportive services to individuals and families in need, while assisting them to achieve their goal of financial self-reliance. The "Work First" philosophy of the CalWORKs program assures that anyone who wants to work will be given that opportunity, and our department is committed to assisting those with employment barriers in overcoming them and joining the thousands who have left the welfare rolls. Those leaving CalWORKs may still avail themselves of "safety net" services such as Medi-Cal, Food Stamps and childcare.


E&TA has over 1,400 staff in various locations throughout Fresno County, and is continuing its efforts to provide regionally based services to better serve residents of small and remote communities. We have expanded our role in the community beyond the issuance of benefits, and are actively developing strategies to bring improved services to all areas of the County, partnering with other agencies to provide a comprehensive and holistic approach to client services, and improving the lives of the working poor.

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