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Alcohol and/or other drug services that are provided to residents at a program which is maintained and operated to provide 24-hour, residential, nonmedical, alcoholism or other drug addiction recovery or treatment services. Services are provided in an alcohol and drug free environment and support recovery or treatment for alcohol and/or other drug related problems.

Services are provided by program-designated personnel and may include the following elements:

  • detoxification
  • recovery or treatment planning
  • educational sessions
  • social/recreational activities
  • individual and group sessions
  • family education and parenting
  • case management, participant file review
  • relapse prevention
  • information about and assistance in obtaining health, social, vocational and other community services


Short-term (1-30 Days)
Individuals and families need this level of residential care to stabilize and/or find alcohol and other drug free housing linked to less intensive services such as Day Care Habilitative, Outpatient and/or Aftercare. Clients who use these services are in less severe stages of the disorder or have been in recovery and have relapsed or are in imminent danger of relapse without 24 hour care.

Long-term (1-90 Days)
Individuals and families need this level of residential care due to the severity of their substance abuse. They receive the same services as those in short-term except for a longer period of time and are referred to a less intensive level of services at the completion of their stay. Some special residential services may be for longer periods of time due to the issues being addressed by the individual and the family.

Residential Detoxification (1-3 days, up to 5 days with justification)
Individuals and families need this level of service to assist the individual during the process in which alcohol and/or other drugs are metabolized in the body to eliminate their toxic physiological, psychological and social effects. These services may be provided in a medical or non-medical residential or non-residential setting. In Fresno County these are provided in a non-medical setting (Social Model).

Individuals are monitored in this non-medical setting and provided psychosocial support due to their inability to stop use without this support. If a medical emergency occurs they are transported to a medical setting to receive care

Methadone Detoxification Program
Twenty-one day outpatient detoxification services. Each client receives a physical exam, an initial drug-screening test, and daily reductions in methadone dosing and individual counseling.