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HSS will use a standardized "Request for Services" procurement format and process that is open, competitive and unbiased. General conditions for procuring County defined substance abuse services will include:

  • Bidders Conferences to provide technical assistance to prospective bidders.
  • Request for Services proposal submission requirements. Reporting Responsibilities.
  • Proposal review, rating, selection and appeal procedures that comply with Fresno County Purchasing and Contract Procedures manuals.

General Service Delivery System Requirements:

  • Operations and service delivery will be provided in full compliance with all applicable Federal, state, and local regulations, laws, standards, codes, and requirements.
  • Operations will provide for service expectations and outcome measures for evaluating cost effectiveness, quality of delivery of services, client benefit impact measures, program efficiency, and measuring where improvements are needed.

Award Criteria for procuring County defined substance abuse services will include:

  • An emphasis on impacts and outcomes.
  • A rating point system addressing the request for services packet content, responsiveness, completeness and qualifying criteria for funding.
  • A process providing a proposal rating committee and an appeal process.
  • A past performance rating method for all bidders.
  • Outcomes driven criteria in the procurement process.