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    • The long term goal for individuals, families and communities is no use of alcohol and other drugs for those 20 years and younger, no use of illicit drugs and responsible use of alcohol for those 21 years and older and responsible use of prescription medication under medical supervision.
    • Assessments and type or level of services will be determined by the individuals, families, or communities, expressed needs.
    • All assessments and services will be designed to reach specific outcomes based on the expressed need of the individual, family or community being served.
    • All assessments and service plans will utilize the inherent strengths of individuals, families and communities to reduce or eliminate alcohol and other drug issues and to promote their own well-being, health and economic independence.
    • Service plans will promote a partnership between the individual, family or community and the service provider in the assessment, linkages and services processes.
    • Assessments, linkages and services will acknowledge and address the biological, psychological, social, cultural and spiritual components of alcohol and other drug issues.
    • A developmental approach will be used that views individuals, families and communities in an ongoing state of recovery. Setbacks occur and will be used as a learning process.
    • Appropriate follow-up services will be provided to support and promote the ongoing recovery work of individuals, families and communities.
    • Continuous quality improvement strategies will be incorporated into all services.
    • Research will be conducted to serve as a foundation for changes in services to reflect best practice.