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These services are focused on achieving the following goals:

  • Identifying and developing an understanding of the AOD addiction/abuse process;
  • Understanding the dynamics of the addictive process and the consequences of such processes on the woman/infant dyad from an emotional, physical, psychological and cultural perspective;
  • Exploring family/support system dynamics and how they relate to the addiction, recovery and relapse potential; and
  • Leading a productive, alcohol/drug-free lifestyle by incorporating personal and community support systems such as aftercare, self-help and peer support groups, and relapse prevention.


The long-term goal of this program is for women to achieve an independent and drug-free lifestyle. More immediate outcomes include:

  • improved parenting commitment and nurturing skills
  • increased knowledge of risk factors involved in using alcohol and other drugs on the individual as well as on the unborn fetus and developing infant and child
  • women employed, involved in continuing education or vocational skills training
  • family reunification.

To the greatest extent possible, the target population for these services shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Women who are pregnant and substance using
  • Women who are parenting and substance using, with a child(ren) ages birth through 17
  • After the above identified populations are met, women without children.

Priority admission for all women in perinatal funded services will be given in the following order:

    1. Pregnant injection drug users

    2. Pregnant substance users

    3. Parenting injection drug users

    4. Parenting substance users