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Penal Code 1000 (PC1000) Programs are pre-plea diversionary programs, whereby the defendant charged with violating certain drug-related laws enters a conditional guilty plea and is allowed to attend an education and rehabilitation program. Upon successful completion of the program, the case is dismissed. Generally, these cases are non-violent first offenders.

The goal of the Drug Diversion Program is dedicated to working with each participant to successfully address his or her alcohol or drug related problems, and to eliminate any chemical dependency to alcohol or drugs, whereby the health and safety of the public is maintained.


  • Provide education to all participants that is factual, current and accurate information about chemical dependency, the effects of alcohol and other drugs on the individual, the family and the community
  • Provide encouragement and support to all participants to evaluate, understand and accept responsibility for one's individual decision about the continued use or abuse of alcohol or drugs
  • Provide health nurturing models that contribute to each participant making appropriate and permanent healthy lifestyle changes

The PC 1000 Drug Diversion Program is a minimum of twelve (12) weeks in duration. A minimum of 30 hours of treatment will be provided in the course of the program.

Participation in the Drug Diversion Program will consist of:

  • individual and group counseling sessions

In addition, program services will also include, but not be limited to:

  • educational sessions concerning drug abuse
  • HIV infection and AIDS
  • tuberculosis as related to substance abuse
  • involvement in a traditional self-help program is also required

Drug Diversion Providers